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Cash For Cars in Gastonia

Do you have a car to sell near Gastonia North Carolina? Selling cars is hard. It takes time. It takes commitment. What is needed is a company that has a quick, easy system in place to buy your car for cash. Cash For Cars in Gastonia has a simple mission, to simplify the car selling process. We buy cars in Gastonia. We make the process as hassle free as possible.

Why Use Us

Why would anyone use our company? Cash For Cars in Gastonia fills an important need. A person with a car to sell is faced with several options. They can trade it into a car dealership. Except car dealerships rarely give good value for used cars. Many car owners don’t know a lot about real car values. And big dealerships will take advantage of them. The car owner could also list it privately online. Except many people have other things to do besides posting their car, showing their car, and lining up DMV paperwork for private buyers. The solution is our company. Our process is geared for the car owner. We are quick, fair, efficient, and built to serve you.

The Process

Our car buyers are eager to buy each and every car. There are three simple steps.

  • 1. Call us. This will connect you to one of our car buyers.
  • 2. Accept our offer.
  • 3. Get paid.

This is all you need to do to get quick money for your car in Gastonia.

Calling Us

Giving us a ring is the quickest way to get money for your car. We also provide a contact form to fill out. Answering a few simple questions gives our buyer what they need to give you a quote. Our car buyer will take into consideration everything about your car. What year it is, how many miles it has, the make and model, and the general condition of the vehicle. The beautiful thing is that the quote is entirely free and no-obligation. You are not pinned down at all.

Accepting our Offer

After you accept our offer, we will schedule the towing appointment. That’s right, we pick up your car. You don’t have to drive or tow your car anywhere. There is no additional cost to the towing. Often, we manage to tow your car away within 24 hours of your accepting our offer. In addition, we handle all the DMV paperwork. The whole process is designed to be stress free.

Getting Paid

Cash For Cars in Gastonia realizes the importance of getting you paid quickly. The money will be given to you when your car is towed. That means no paperwork delays, no waiting in line. The money will be placed in your hand by the tow truck driver. How can it be any easier to sell your car?

Does the Condition of My Car Matter?

The next question will be, what kind of cars does Cash For Cars in Gastonia buy. In short, all of them. We buy.

  • Cars in as-is condition
  • Nearly new cars
  • Damaged cars
  • Cars that don’t pass emissions test
  • Cars with salvaged titles

So, if your car was caught in that hails and has damaged to the exterior, we will give you a quote. If you have a brand-new car that has barely been driven, we will give you a quote.

Junk Cars

Cash For Cars in Gastonia isn’t just interested in usable cars. We are interested in non-running and junk cars. We give cash for junk cars in Gastonia. The process is the same. Call us to get a quote and we will buy and tow your junk car. This service is essentially junk car removal. A junk yard in Gastonia will give you cash to remove your non- usable vehicle. So don’t worry about giving us a call if your car has been in a major accident or if the engine hasn’t started for years. We will buy it.

Act Now

Please don’t hesitate. Maybe you have an old vehicle that you meant to get rid of long ago. Maybe you have a damaged vehicle that you never found a market for. Maybe you just want to get a quote on a car. Cash For Cars in Gastonia would love to look at them. We will quote you a fair price for no charge whatsoever. And if accepted, we will tow your car away for you. Leaving you with quick money. Often our entire process takes less than 24 hours. Call us, you could have your money and your car gone in the same day.

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