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We Pay Cash For Any Car In Mount Holly!

Sell your car running or not!

We Pay Cash For Junk Cars Too

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A name like Cash for Cars doesn’t get much simpler than that— and you could say the same for our car services as well.

You see, we’ve literally spelled it out for you— we give cash for your car. Curating the experience to the individual, Cash for Cars in Mount Holly will buy your car in whatever size or condition it’s in:

  • nice cars
  • damaged cars
  • non-running cars and junk cars
  • cars that don’t pass an emissions test
  • cars with salvaged titles
  • clown cars

So, if you have any questions about your car qualifying, feel free to give us a call and one of our wonderful representatives would be happy to assist in your interest to sell your vehicle.

The Process

Transparency between Cash for Cars and the car owners of Mount Holly is the most important aspect of our business, and we make sure to make the process as frictionless as possible by giving individuals an instant price for their car through a phone call or contact form (because isn’t honesty all you can really ask for from any business?). No more shady deals done in a matter of days or private companies trying to haggle you for a lower price, we’ll just tell you the price as bluntly as John Krasinski’s wife.

If you like the price we offer, we will come to YOU personally to provide a free towing/removal and pay for your car from wherever you are, never making you lift a finger while working with us because we know the residents in Mount Holly deserve the royal treatment even when handling their junk cars. The process could even be done the very same day, although that is a case-by-case situation and not always a guarantee since we do have many kings and queens to handle with in the Mount Holly kingdom.

And after that, we take your car to our junkyard in Mount Holly (although we know your car is anything but) and just like that, the cash for junk process is finished.

Questions You Probably Have For Us

“Why gee Cash for Cars, this almost seems too good to be true! What do you take into consideration when valuing my car?”

We take into consideration the

  • Year
  • Make and model
  • How many miles does it have?
  • Has it been damaged, and how much of it has been damaged?
  • What’s the consumer demand for the car, is it high or low?

While there is no precise mathematical formula we can give you for the exact value of your car, we want to make sure that you know we aren’t just pulling random numbers out of a hat and that we take into account reasonable factors to make sure that both parties are satisfied at the end.

While you may undermine the price of your own car when independently selling, our staff of experts takes into account their years of car-flipping experience when calculating a value for yours. By providing the details of your car, our team can make smart judgments based on others that they’ve seen either in the current market or our own inventory. With all of the cost-estimating taken off your hands and a simple price given to you at the end, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

“Sweet! Wait.. how much DMV paperwork do I have to do when working with Cars for Cash?”

While other private car services would probably give you lengthy, time-consuming text to read and sign before the real business can be done, we at Cash for Cars will handle all the DMV paperwork for you! We try our best to make the process as effortless as possible— just call in and we’ll handle the rest.

“Hmm.. Would I have to pay for any of the towing or car removal costs? Are there any hidden fees you guys aren’t telling me about?”

Certainly not! We provide you free towing and removal right from your house with no extra fees.

“You guys sound great! However, it’s not me that needs to sell a car but my friend that needs to sell theirs. The problem is that they don’t live in Mount Holly, are your services available in any other locations?”

Yes! We cover other surrounding cities with our company’s services and can certainly help your friend out if they are close enough to our other locations. Or you could certainly tell them to move to Mount Holly— your call.

If you’ve liked everything you’ve read so far and need a car selling service in Mount Holly, give Cash for Cars a call so we can prove to you that we stay true to our word! Needless to say, we deliver just as good as how we sound on paper.

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