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Cash For Cars is Coming to Newell, North Carolina

Cash for Cars has served North Carolina for years, and we are coming to you, Newell! Are you tired of staring at that junk car sitting in your driveway? Fed up with your “fixer-upper” you never found the time to piece back together? Have a car that won’t pass inspection? Maybe you are just ready for an upgrade but don’t trust a person-to-person sale or a car lot’ trade-in offer. Whatever the case is, our company can come to the rescue. Cash For Cars in Newell can give you the deal of your dreams. We serve all of North Carolina’s weary used car owners, helping them dispose of their junk cars -- all while getting paid for it!

From the Comfort of Your Home

Gone are the days of driving to Charlotte to sell your unwanted vehicles. Cash For Cars makes it easy to sell your as-is vehicle -- you don’t even have to leave your house. Give us a quick phone call, Newell residents, and we can write up an offer for your vehicle over the phone in minutes. Simply tell us a little about your car and we can give you a cash offer right then and there. If you prefer to fill out an online contact form, your estimate can be sent to you immediately.

Types of Vehicles We Buy

If you are concerned your car may be better off rotting in a junkyard in Newell, you will be delighted to know we purchase all types of cars in all types of conditions. Some of the vehicle types and conditions we accept are:

  • Older model vehicles
  • Vehicles involved in major accidents
  • Newer model vehicles with major manufacturing errors not covered by warranties
  • Vehicles with salvage titles
  • High-mileage vehicles
  • Running vehicles with minor damage
  • Running vehicles with no damage
  • Vehicles with cracked radiators
  • Cars with and without A/C
  • Cars that simply do not run

I Want My Car Sold Quickly, Though

We know the stress of listing vehicles on third party sites. We know how long it can take to receive a decent offer from a trustworthy buyer. We have structured our business to eliminate the commonplace hassles of used car sales. That’s the Cash For Cars guarantee: we work tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction. In many cases, we can tow your car away, leave you with cash in your hand, and be out of your hair all in one day. Our company prides itself on quick transactions and happy clients. You won’t pay a dime in towing costs with Cash For Cars. We come directly to you, so you can leave the heavy lifting to us and walk away satisfied.

How Much is My Car Worth?

We value the cars we purchase based on many factors. Depending on the age of your vehicle, you could earn more cash for your car. We take into consideration the number of miles you have on your vehicle. How many owners has your car had? We consider the amount of physical and functional damage your vehicle has sustained while appraising a sale. Does your car have exterior rust? What make and model is your vehicle? Some vehicles are more valuable than others and it is important to know the make and model value before you sell. We will walk you through the appraisal process to help you understand the value we place on your vehicle, and what that means in terms of cash in your hands.

Why Choose Cash For Cars?

On top of tow-away and junk car removal, we offer many competitive benefits that other companies cannot match:

  • We complete all DMV paperwork for you. Once the car is purchased from you, you won’t have to lift a finger for the car again. Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork and hours of wasted time. We will provide the bill of sale, fill out all sales paperwork, title transfer applications, and provide detailed receipts for all transactions.
  • We provide a stress-free, frictionless environment.
  • Speed of service is a cornerstone of our business model and we strive to achieve greatness with every client, every day.
  • We don’t beat around the bush. We will give you a fair offer for your vehicle based on its year, make, model, and physical condition.
  • We buy multiple cars at once. If you have more than one vehicle to sell, we will buy them all.

Give Us a Call Today

As a proud North Carolina business that has served communities all across the state for years, we have come to pride ourselves in our commitment to community relations and satisfied customers. We look forward to establishing a long, prosperous relationship with citizens of Newell. You have cars, we have cash. It is truly as simple and painless as that.

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